10. February 2023
Our Dogs Diet
What we feed our dogs, information on how we got there, and some recipes to help you get started.
07. February 2022
Puppy & Dog Supplies List
Not sure what you will need for your new pup....here is a list to help you get started!
16. January 2021
A question we get often, "What is the Wirehaired Vizsla's coat like and how do you groom them?" It is not as harsh of a wirehair as a GWP, nor is it a soft coat, but still a pleasant, coarse coat to pet and groom. Coat type in a wirehaired vizsla can be short, medium, thick and long. I put in thick as there are some coats that need monthly grooming (like a thick but not necessarily a long coat) and some coats only need grooming one or two times per year. Some hunting wirehairs that are very...