Our Dogs

We are small but growing kennel! Check out our dogs and below for litter plans/puppy news

Our first Whv: Gambit

Gambit was our first WHV from Konza Vadasz in Kansas. He became ours in 2011 He is incredibly loving and is a great dog. He loves napping in the sun and playing frisbee.

GCH Zoldmali Fanni

"Quill" CA

GCH Zoldmali Fanni CA aka Quill was added to our family in 2015. She is truly the best dog! She is goofy, cuddly, driven and obedient. We are so excited for her show success. We are continually working on her hunting skills. 


Update 2018: Quill placed Best of Opposite at Westminster Dog Show!


HEALTH: Quill is an HUU carrier and  free of genetic eye disorders, OFA-Fair, not a longhair gene carrier, not a shorthair gene carrier



HCH, HJCH Zoldmali Delceg NAVHDA UT3

Delceg became part of our kennel and family March 2018. Delceg came from Zoldmali Kennels where he was raised and trained by Zsofia Miczek. He gained the titles of Hungarian Hunting Champion and Junior Champion with Zsofi at the helm. We plan on continuing hunting and showing him here. 


Delceg is a friendly, affectionate and goofy boy. He wants to work and please us, He is truly a wonderful dog!


HEALTH: Delceg is HUU - free and clear, HD-A, and free of genetic eye disorders, not a longhair gene carrier, carries shorthair gene.



Kolibri joined our family and kennel in March 2018 (along with Delceg). She was also raised and trained by Zsofia Miczek. With her she gained her Hungarian Junior Hunting Chamption title. 


Kolibri is was born 5/13/2017 and is still is a puppy at heart. She is incredibly sweet and mellow at home. But once she is excited, alert, and confident when she gets out in the field to work.


HEALTH: Kolibri is an HUU carrier, HD-A and free of genetic eye disorders, not a longhair gene carrier, not a shorthair gene carrier.


Odessa joined us in December of 2020. She was trained by Zsofia Miczek. She has her Hungarian Show Champion, European Junior Winner, Polish Junior Champion and she has a 1st Prize Field and Water Exam in Hungary. Odessa is the daughter of Zoldmali Extreme, who is the #1 Working Wirehaired Vizsla in the World. 


Odessa is a people dog - she is pays attention to where her humans are. She is very sweet but when it comes to work, she gets the job done with incredible obedience.


HEALTH: Odessa  is HUU - free and clear, HD-A, and free of genetic eye disorders, not a longhair gene carrier, not a shorthair gene carrier.


Pivot's Mischeif NaVHDA NA

Quinn was born on Aug 16, 2018 from our first litter Quill and Delceg. She acheived her NAVHDA NA full score at 9 months old and is a duck hunting dog. 


She is a very driven and passionate hunter. Yet is incredibly loyal, sweet and person oriented with her family. She comes to live with us every summer while her family (close family friends of ours) teaches in Switzerland for the summer.


HEALTH: Quinn is a HUU carrier, OFA good and free of generic eye disorders, not a longhair gene carrier and not a shorthair gene carrier.

Our Breeding Philosophy

Why did we want to breed wirehaired vizsla? They are a beautiful, smart, loving dog. We want to continue wirehaired vizsla stately pedigrees and temperaments. We want to breed for health, temperament, hunting and conformation ability. All of our dogs are eyes and hips are checked. They are certified free from hip displysia through the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or European Equivalent and screened for hereditary diseases before we breed them. Like our dogs, the litter will be registered through the AKC. 


Puppies Health: The puppies will have their tails docked and, possibly, front dew claws removed following the WVCA standards.


Want a puppy? First thing for you to know is we screen our puppy buyers and everyone will get a puppy contract. We want to make sure our buyers understand all that comes with getting a WHV. If you are interested in a WHV for showing, hunting, agility, dock diving or just as an awesome family dog, we have two documents for you. The first document has more information for you to read about our breeding and specifics on puppies, litters and our process and contract specifics. Look for logistics on getting your puppy here as well. The second document is our Perspective Puppy Questionnaire. This helps us get a better idea of who you are and why you want a WHV. Filling out the questionnaire is a great first step. We would still like to have a phone or email conversations to follow up the questionnaire. We just want to make sure our puppies go to great homes. Feel free to contact us with any questions! 


Pivot Kennels Information, Process, Other Topics
This contains more indepth information on Breeding Philosophy, Puppy Health, Spaying/Neutering, and Other Topics.
Pivot Kennels Information, Process, Cont
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Pivot Kennels Puppy Questionaire
To be filled out if you are interested in getting a puppy.
Pivot Kennels Wirehaired Vizsla Question
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Summer 2022: Both Kolibri and Odessa were bred in early/mid May to Jarod (Fr CH CHFGT Zoldmali Profi). We are still waiting to confirmed successful breedings

Puppies: BORN May 7th, 2022

Quill was successfully bred with Argo (Sudden Valley's Spitfire JH NAVHDA NA Pz1). Argo is an spirited hunting dog with a beautiful structure and diverse pedigree. 

She had 4 boys and 3 girls. She is the most attentive and sweet Momma. All puppies are spoken for.

Puppies: BORN Jan 28th, 2022

Quinn (left) was successfully bred to HJCH Robin du Domaine Saint Hubert OTV II (right) late November. Quinn had 6 great pups that were rambunctious, super smart, and fun! They have all gone to amazing homes.

Puppies: Born Feb 8th, 2021

Kolibri was successfully bred this December 2020 to Am CH Vizcaya Piros Csoda.

She had 9 healthy puppies with a very successful natural whelping. All the pups have gone on to great homes!


Puppies: Litter Born Nov 23, 2020

Quill was bred to GCH Zoldmali Eclipse Hungarian Aristocrat MH AX XF.

Puppies were born on Nov 23rd, 2020 and Quill had 6 puppies easily and quickly. Quill is an excellent mother!  

Puppies: Litter BORN Feb 23, 2020

Quill was bred to HJCH Zoldmali Kacer on Dec 25th and 27th.

Puppies were born on Feb 23rd, 2020 and Quill had 9 puppies within 5 hours! A fast and healthy birth for Mom and all pups. 


Odessa x HJCH Zoldmali Vento Litter was born January 17th, 2020.

These cuties will be ready for their homes March 13th, 2020.


PUPPIES: LITTER BORN sept 05, 2019

Kolibri and Delceg had a litter Sept 05, 2019! They had 9 Healthy Puppies!

Puppies: Litter BORN Aug 16, 2018

2018 Summer litter was born between: CH Zoldmali Fanni CA "Quill" and to HCH, HJCH Zoldmal Delceg. Check back for updates or go to our facebook page

Quill as a puppy (8 wk)

Gambit as a puppy (10 wk)

Quill at 13 wks