Historical News 2018-2020

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hunting this fall

This fall, with hunting test still hard to get a spot in in our area, we have done quite a bit of training and guided hunts. We have enjoyed the time out hunting with the dogs. 



First Dog show in months!

We ventured out to our first dog show in so many months! We rented an RV with 5 dogs and our 14 month old! It was crazy but fun! Delceg, Kolibri, Quill, and Odessa had triumphs through the weekend. The biggest excitement was Ernie winning his first Major in his first Show. It was very exciting and we are happy to continue having our relationship with Ernie and his owners, Sarah and Brett!



Pandemic continued...

Continuing to stay-at-home isn't such a huge change for us as we live in the country and have ample space to enjoy the outdoors. 




As we stayed-at-home this spring we enjoyed starting and training Ernie for his new family. We also "baby-proofed" him :P  (Ernie is only 8 months in the picture with our baby exploring him!). We enjoyed some spring hunting as all our spring hunt tests were all cancelled. 


FEB 2020

pheasants forever fest

Kolibri, Delceg, and Megan attend the 2020 Pheasants Forever Fest in Minneapolis as the Wirehaired Vizsla Breed Representative. We met many wonderful people and enjoyed the welcome from Pheasant Forever Members!

Jan - Feb



We had 2 litters about 6 weeks apart. The first from Odessa and the second from Quill. Each had a healthy litter of 9 pups. It was a very busy and exciting from mid January to April when all the pups went home.


Jan 2020

hungarian trip

Eric flew to Hungary to pick up our Quill. While he was there, he had the opportunity to do some hunts with Zsofi and Laci. Quill attended as well. Eric had a great time visiting, hunting, and learning new training techniques. The picture below is Quill honoring points on a hunt in Hungary.


Dec 2019

Dog Exchange

As Zsofi heads home from training she is leaving Odessa and is taking Quill. Quill is heading to Hungary to be bred. (Hopefully) she goes into heat soon. There are fantastic hunting studs at Zoldmali Kennels. Odessa will be welcomed into our homes and hearts with open arms.


Dec 2019

Quick winter training

Zsofi from Zoldmali Kennels was here for a quick visit, which included a quick training. We had some puppies and more experienced dogs get some work in the field with birds. It was nice in December to be able to get some field training! We were darn cold, but it was worth it! One of the participants (who missed out on the last training) said he doesn't remember what he was doing during our last training but he is kicking himself for not coming  - it would have saved him 8 months of frustration!


Oct 2019

puppies heading home

It is always bittersweet to see puppies go to their forever homes! We've grown attached and are sad to see them go, but are so excited to see how happy their new families are to get their puppy! The happiness and love everyone brings makes it so much easier for the puppies to go on their new adventures. We send the puppies home with a little goody bag and some towels and toys that smell like their litter.


Oct 2019

Hunt testing the pups

We ran the pups through wing and brush tests. Then we introduced quail to see how they reacted. With Koli and Delceg as their parents, it was no surprise that the pups showed such interest in the wings and bird!!


Sept 2019

New puppy litter!

Kolibri and Delceg had a litter of puppies! 5 girls and 4 boys all born healthy. Koli had an emergency c-section which saved her and 2 of her puppies lives! Our vet did an amazing and caring job. Everyone is healthy and happy!


Aug 2019

NAVHDA Testing

Quinn went to do her NAVHDA testing, handled by her owner and did amazing! She received a NA Prize 1 full score! 


Another big win: Five Wirehaired Vizsla's received a UT Prize 1 this summer! I'm so excited these dogs and owners will represent the breed at the Invitational in Summer 2020!!!



Hunting Training

We are getting ready for NAVHDA tests and staying up to date on the training. Koli, Delceg, and Quinn worked hard and showed us they like to work!



Extra dog for the summer

We boarded Quinn (Pivot Mischief) one of Quill and Delceg's puppy over the summer!


June 2019

Expansion of our Family

Eric and I welcomed our daughter, Artessa Hesler Wallendal, May 09, 2019! She is a joyful addition to our family. Our dogs are thrilled to have her. Quill was quite protective when we first brought her home and it took her several days before letting the other dogs near her!


March 2019

Manitowac dog show

 Now that the snow is melting, we went to our first conformation show of the season! Kolibri won best of opposite for the breed the three days we were there! Thank you Stephanie Hentschel for handling her! Quill won best of winners and Delceg was showed well but didn't win. You can tell that he hates showing but he looks magnificent in the hunting field!


Jan 2019

Big announcement

 The dogs helped us announcement an important and exciting addition to the family!!!



Enjoying winter

 We enjoyed the winter with our dogs! Hiking and Cross Country Skiing....the Wisconsin Winter was brutal this year.

Aug 16 - oct 16


Our first litter

 It was a wild and wonderful ride having our first litter! We were in the midst of produce and pumpkin harvest for the farm and juggled our puppies and farm pretty well. Our pups made it to the most wonderful homes! We are so happy that our puppies all got lucky to get amazing puppy parents!


 May 2018

Zoldmali Family Day and Hunting Training

 The Farm and House were over run with Wirehaired Vizslas - it was amazing. Zsofi Mizcek and Extreme came to lead the hunting training, all the way from Hungary! It was hot and buggy, but we all had a wonderful time. Thank you to everyone for the memorable hunting training.


 February 2018

Our Trip to Hungary

We had a fantastic trip to Hungary. The food is incredible, the sights beautiful, and the baths relaxing. The best part was visiting Zoldmali Kennels and bringing home our two new additions to the family! See our pictures below. Thank you to Zsofi and Lazi - We had an amazing time and learned so much. Truly a trip of a lifetime!

Eric and Megan in Central Market in Budapest

Out hunting training with Zsofi and Delceg

Our new pups! (and Quill).

Left: Delceg                 Middle: Kolibri               Right: Quill

Eric, Megan, Lazi and Zsofi. We had a fantastic time!


 February 2018

Quill is a WESTMINSTER Winning dog!

Brittany showed Quill today and they did great! Quill showed like a champ! Quill was awarded with Best of Opposite! 


Eric and I are thrilled and so proud our "farm" dog has done so well. 


 February 2018


Eric, Quill, and I are headed out to Westminster! Eric heroically drove us through the Chicago snow storm. Quill is finding a way to sleep on Eric, even when he is driving...pretty adorable!


January 2018

Morning Walk

We are talking a morning walk on a cold January Day. The dogs just love our walks! There is always something to sniff out.


December 2017

Back Home on the FaRM

Quill, back on the farm, is helping retrieve those pesky barn pigeons! She's a natural!



AKC National Championships Royal Canin DOG SHOW

Quill competed in Orlando at the Royal Canin Dog Show and took BOB on the first Day against a competitive field of Wirehaired Vizslas! Great Job Quill and Brittany!



Philadelphia National Dog Show

Quill competed at the Philadelphia National Dog Show and made sporting group that will be aired on Thanksgiving Day on NBC after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!!



TRAck and Kill

Gambit had a very complicated but successful track and kill. The rabbit played dead when he finally found it then gave a good quick chase which Gambit successfully ended. After such a complicated track, it was very good for Gambit's confidence to have found the rabbit!




Taking Quill out to PA for the bloomsburg PA Show

  Quill is headed out to PA for the Bloomburg Show, then to NC for the Wilmington Show, then back to PA for the Oaks show Nov. 18th -19th. We'll miss her while she's gone! I won't miss getting my leg room back. The picture on the right is waking up with her hogging all the leg room so she can look out the window.




Out for a farm Walk

  Gambit, Quill, & Megan were out for a farm walk. She found something interesting and holding a point.




Quill's preferred napping spot

  Quill like (like most WH Vizslas) LOVE to nap on people. She will hunt for a napping spot and will beg to climb up into your lap. She's a good snuggle bug.


01 - 03


Marquette Kennel Club Show

  This was a great weekend for Quill and Brittany Greendeer. Brittany handled Quill and they came away with 3 group placements this weekend! Quill won a Group 4, Group 3 and a Group 2 (see her photos in the gallery and to the right is her group 2 win photo).