Photo Gallery

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Gambit is King of the Mountain                         Gambit          Delceg, Kolibri       Quill                                    Kolibri scoping out the pond

Gambit and Quill helping on the farm

Gambit helping dig soil pits in corn

Quill got dirty field scouting

Quill supervising green bean planting

Quill out and about

Quill out during hunting training

Quill Enjoying cross country skiing

Megan & Quill Hunting Training

Gambit & Quill Helping at the farm Office

Megan & eric out hiking

Gambit can't resist the water

Hanging out on the boat with family

Show Pictures!

Louisville show: Best of Opposite

Mid-Kentucky Kennel Club show: Best of Breed

Fox River Show: Group 4 Placement

hoosier Show: Best of Breed

Being Good at a show

Brittany & Quill keeping it cool & cute

marquette Show: Group 4

Marquette show: Group 3

Marquette show: Group 2